About Us - Sean Cook, MBA/TM - Iain Morland, PhD

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Sean Cook, MBA/TM and CEO of Salyris Studios

Sean Cook, MBA/TM, is the CEO of Salyris Studios, which began in early 2004 as a small web and print design studio. First built as a simple site to showcase some projects on which Sean had worked on; Salyris Studios has since grown successfully into a much larger studio, beyond Sean's early expectations.

Now he can offer all kinds of services such as web design and development, print design, soundtracks, voice-overs, 3D renderings/animations, Joomla! design and development, and much more. We strive as a team to give each of our clients the best results while using the latest technologies and trends.

I measure success on how well I perform in my personal life and my career; to achieve success, you must have a desire to learn, the drive to attain your goals, and the knowledge as well as the wisdom, to appreciate all that I have.

Sean has over 15 years of combined education and experience in multiple IT job titles: Webmaster, Lead Designer, Project Manager, Small Business Start-Ups, Networking, Market Research, PC Hardware Technician, Team Leader, and Technical Support Manager.

Sean also holds multiple degrees: AA - Liberal Arts Degree, BS - Integrated Media (almost double-majored in Sports Medicine with an Athletic Training minor by just 5 classes; hence the BS in a BA major/minor), Master of Business Administration/Technology Management (MBA/TM). He has been involved in the Internet since its inception as a user and designer constantly on the leading edge of technology changes.

Iain Morland, PhD and Our Soundman

Iain Morland, PhD - composer and audio designer

Iain Morland, PhD, is a composer, audio designer, and programmer. He has partnered with Salyris Studios to offer inspirational soundtracks and innovative effects for websites and multimedia projects.

Combining cutting-edge sound design tools with traditional musical talent, Iain provides a comprehensive audio service, ranging from custom music (in any style), to sound effects, and even voice acting.

Iain has been working with audio since 1999, when he mixed two shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. His sound and programming credits include dozens of virtual instruments for clients such as Precisionsound, Impact Soundworks, Gospel Musicians, and various film, theatre, game, and website projects.

Please check out Iain's official website: http://www.iainmorland.net

Our Goals and mission...

Here at Salyris Studios we always go the extra mile for our clients by offering custom solutions at reasonable prices, while always delivering quality. Our first goal is quality, because our customers deserve it. We just don't do it any other way!

We are confident that we can meet almost any demand and consistently design with quality in mind. Our client's success is our success too, so we pride ourselves in delivering quality results.

Our Mission on Every Project:

Reliability involves the correct technical functioning of the site, and the accuracy of our service promises (having materials in stock, delivering when promised), billing, and product information. Responsiveness means quick response and the ability to get help if there is a problem or question. Access is the ability to get on the site quickly and to reach us when needed. Flexibility involves choice of ways to pay, ship, buy, search for, and return items and services. Ease of navigation means that a site contains functions that help customers find what they need without difficulty; possesses a good search engine; and allows the customer to maneuver easily and quickly back and forth through the pages. Efficiency means that a site is simple to use, is structured properly, and requires a minimum of information to be input by the customer. Assurance trust involves the confidence the customer feels in dealing with the site and is due to the reputation of the site, and the products or services it sells, as well as clear and truthful information presented. Security and privacy involves ensuring the customer understands that the site is safe from intrusion, and that personal information is protected. Price knowledge is the extent to which the customer can determine shipping price, total price, and comparative prices during the shopping process. Site aesthetics relates to the appearance of the site, and its effective communication of the site brand. Customization/personalization is how much and how easily the site can be tailored to individual customers' preferences, histories, and ways of shopping.