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Contact Sean Cook, MBA/TM and CEO of Salyris Studios; Iain Morland, PhD and Soundman; or Ramon Moser, 3D Modeler and Animator for Salyris Studios. Let us assist you with your website and audio needs. Click here to read our professional profiles. (Please, no more solicitations for outsourcing, we are fully staffed, thank you.)

Sean Cook, MBA/TM, and CEO of Salyris Studios

Sean Cook, CEO

Address: 2741 A SE 141st Ave
Portland, OR 97236
Office Hours: 10am-5pm PST
Phone: 1-503-913-6564
Skype: salyris-studios
Email: sean[at]salyris[dot]com

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Iain Morland, PhD, and Salyris Studios Soundman

Iain Morland Soundman
Personal website:

E-mail: iain(at)iainmorland(dot)net

Location: United Kingdom