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Green Project Marketing (GPM)

Green Project Marketing WebsiteGreen Project Marketing (GPM) has a proven model to reduce project budgets via a multi-staged process. After just the first week, Green Project Marketing has the first five listings on Google for the keywords "green project marketing".

Areas of specialization include:

Strategic Marketing Sponsorship Green Consulting Services Manufacturer Representation Website Development/SEM/SEO Public Relations Special Green Events Promotions

Now Green Project Marketing is Mobile-Friendly!

Salyris Studios worked closely with Green Project Marketing to develop a cohesive solution that promoted their brand through strategic SEO/SEM/SMM/SMO solutions. We created unique Twitter, YoutTube, and Facebook designs for consistent branding. At the same time, we integrated their blog to incoperate all of the latest interaction techniques to enhance their social media marketing efforts. With SEO enhanced web pages/social media pages, stategic design implementation and consistent branding, we have developed a complete solution for all other companies we work with to follow. GPM is also using Google Analytics, AddThis bookmarking, LinkedIn, FeedBuner for RSS feeds, and many other enhancements we implemented for higher rankings. This is how websites should be built, with SEO/SEM/SMM/SMO strategies in mind. Be sure and contact us to help you with a complete solution to your SEO/SEM/SMM/SMO strategies.

GPM YouTube Design

GPM Twitter Design

Green Project Marketing YouTube Design

Green Project Marketing Twitter Design

GPM Blog with SMM Integration

GPM Facebook Design/Development

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Green Project Marketing Website


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