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Iain Morland, PhD - composer and audio designer

Great audio makes websites more interesting, movies more lifelike, and games more engaging. But creative professionals are sometimes scared of working with audio. What if the royalties are expensive? What if the file format doesn't work? What if the sound levels are wrong? Because it can seem daunting, audio often gets treated as an add-on, rather than an integral part of creative design. The result is either boring library music and sound effects, which customers have heard hundreds of times before, or a badly-recorded voice-over that sounds like a sinister telephone call made from an echoing bathroom.

Salyris Studios will create great audio for your creative project without any of these hassles. Our audio is royalty-free, period. We provide it in any file format you need, and take the time to discuss your technical needs before starting work. We know how to mix audio to suit your target system - whether a tiny speaker in a kiosk, or a high definition surround system - and can provide individual tracks for you to remix as necessary. We include a revision cycle in every job, so you get the result you want. And we never, ever, record sinister voice-overs in echoing bathrooms. Unless, of course, that's a scene in your movie.

Iain Morland, PhD, is the Salyris Studios sound man, and has experience of audio design and music composition for multimedia, theatre, film, and creative sound libraries, as well as programming software instruments. Click here to read Iain's biography.


Voiceovers enhance tutorials for products, websites, and services, as well as complementing media show-reels and trailers. But it's essential to use a professionally created voice-over. We've all heard poorly paced, muffled or tinny voice-overs with bad acoustics: they instantly ruin a great visual impression. A professional voiceover is clear and confident, well-paced and punchy. Salyris Studios can deliver this for you, in any style from serious narration to comedy acting.

We use high-quality microphones and recording equipment. We bring over ten years' experience of public speaking and lecturing to the task. And we draw on our expertise with studio-grade audio processors to shape the sound of a voice-over to suit its content and purpose. There is no 'one size fits all' setting for a great voice-over sound. We give each one our individual attention.

Included as standard in voice-over packages:

Male and/or female adult British English voices Special effects on the voice, such as a telephone effect or echo Consultancy on pacing and delivery Voice-over to picture Corrections (of mispronunciations) and editing (by deletion) Any or multiple audio file formats, via download

Chargeable extras are:

Custom background music Custom sound effects Changes and additions to the script Delivery on CD or DVD

Voice-over demo:
{audio}images/stories/mp3_files/Voiceover reel.mp3{/audio}
Or Click Here

Standard voiceover prices start at 120 dollars for 100 words, through to USD350 for 2,000 words. E-mail us to get a no obligation quote for your voiceover.

Sound Effects

Sound effects add excitement, provide feedback, and reinforce visuals in apps, games, websites, and movies. To create a memorable sonic identity for your creative project, you must combine stock sound effects with bespoke effects that your audience has never heard before. Stock effects are easy to find, but if you use only stock effects, they sound boring. Salyris Studios can design bespoke sound effects that add originality and variety to your project, making it stand out.

Bringing over ten years' experience of audio design for theatre, film, and commercial sound effect libraries, we work with field recordings, Foley performances, and synthesisers to create high-quality sounds of any length. Sounds can be designed to loop, or to play as one-shots. We won't baffle you with jargon when discussing the creation of sounds for your project; but equally, if you have technical specifications regarding audio resolution, panning, and dynamics, we can work to your exact requirements.

Included as standard in sound effect packages:

One revision cycle Incorporation and creative processing of material provided by you Any or multiple audio file formats, via download

Chargeable extras are:

Further revision cycles Sound design to picture Delivery on CD or DVD

Sound effect demos:
Sonic Laboratory (montage)
{audio}images/stories/mp3_files/Catacomb Labyrinth.mp3{/audio}Or Click Here
Mechosphere (reel of six sounds)
{audio}images/stories/mp3_files/Mechosphere.mp3{/audio}Or Click Here

The sound effects demonstrated here are available through Precisionsound.
Standard sound effect prices are 30 dollars per one-shot effect, with significant volume discounts subject to the length of effects. E-mail us to get a no obligation quote for your sound effects.



Music creates an emotional connection between your product and your audience. It turns your brand into an experience. Generic library music is fine for incidental moments, but it's often deliberately bland. When you need distinctive, original music to surprise and move your audience, Salyris Studios can help.

We can bring to your project our experience of composing, arranging and performing in a wide range of modern styles, including pop/rock, chilled ambient, and quirky electronica. We work with professional audio software to produce fully mixed and mastered tracks, contracting additional performers as necessary. We can also provide seamlessly looping music for use in animations, art installations, telephone systems, and so on. Custom music by Salyris Studios is royalty-free in perpetuity, so you can use it in any number of future projects without paying fees.

Included as standard in music packages:

Instrumental music One revision cycle Any or multiple audio file formats, via download

Chargeable extras are:

Vocals Further revision cycles Music to picture Pro Tools session file with individual audio tracks Delivery on CD or DVD

Music demos:
Blue Neon (excerpt)
{audio}images/stories/mp3_files/Blue Neon.mp3{/audio}Or Click Here
The Years (excerpt)
{audio}images/stories/mp3_files/The Years.mp3{/audio}Or Click Here
Skyward (full track)
{audio}images/stories/mp3_files/Skyward.mp3{/audio}Or Click Here

Standard music prices are 100 dollars per minute of finished music (this includes composing, arranging, performing, mixing, and mastering), with discounts available for alternative mixes. E-mail us to get a no obligation quote for your music.

Our audio services can be combined with our website design and social media services, to create a custom package for your project - for example, an animation with sound effects, or a flash website with background music. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.