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Labor Costs:

Salyiris Studios - Prices and Packages | Website Design an PricingEach website project is different, and therefore priced individually. Salyris Studios will visit your business, and together we will determine your web presence needs. Based on information from this meeting we will present you with a full website proposal, including a set project price. To design, program and implement a website from scratch, costs usually average at around $75/hour.

Some projects may be priced hourly, because of the nature of the work and in order to give you the best value. In those cases, our rates are as follows:

SEO/SEM: 150 dollars/hr Web Design and Graphics: 45 dollars/hr Responsive Design: 100 dollars/hr Joomla! or WordPress Training: 50 dollars/hr Social Media Marketing: 50 dollars/hr Strategy Consultations: 100 dollars/hr Video Editing: 75 - 100 dollars/hr, depending on the needs (see below for more information) Programming: 60 - 75 dollars/hr. This covers PHP (the coding language); MySQL (the database language); AJAX; JavaScripting; module/plugin/component development and alterations. These are specific to Joomla! development; however we have another team that does work in other languages for special web projects written from scratch, so please ask.

Quantum Meruit – in contract law, is defined as "the reasonable value of services".

Navigational Design Services included as standard:

Choices of basic, or drop-downs (vertical & horizontal) or a combination of both Also CSS-driven or DHTML navigation types Logo integration into the template and icons Free favorite icon creation Other standard graphics replaced with client suggested ones

Anything done outside the normal parameters of the original template will be charged at $45 per hour rate.

Joomla! Template Reconstruction:

Template reconstruction is the complete customization of a Joomla! template to fit your needs and brand identity All CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and graphic changes will match your color scheme Choose a template for customization here Contact us for designs made from scratch or for Template Monster conversions

Template/WordPress Theme reconstruction starts at $500.00. Websites designed and coded from scratch start at $3,000.